Be A Laminine Distributor

Laminine Distributor PhilippinesA Perfect Health And A Perfect Business Combined

How sweet it is to earn from being healthy!  At Lifepharm Global Network, the best MLM company,  a Distributor enjoys not only having a GOOD HEALTH but an opportunity to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

LPGN confidently and thoughtfully chose the network marketing channel for distributing Laminine.    You would not be paid by sharing your experience watching a movie, nor recommending a resto to your friend but with LPGN, the philosophy is very simple, you promote Laminine because you have experienced its wonders and benefits and in return you get paid. Now, that’s really awesome.

And so the LifePharm Global Network compensation plan was born…and delivered a life-enhancing product to go hand-in-hand with a life-changing and very rewarding business opportunity. It became the perfect union of a perfect product and a perfect opportunity.

Benefits of Becomeing a LPGN Distributor

  • Energy and zest to do more in your life
  • Discounted Laminine Price
  • Be your own BOSS. Own a portable business with a dependable support system, readily available website and a professional virtual office
  • Enjoy explosive promotions designed for proactive Lamine Independent Business Owners (IBO)

Why Lifepharm Global Network (LPGN

  • A unique and powerful product that no one else can offer and yet everyone NEEDS
  • A high-paying and easy to achieve compensation plan that is unparalled in the world of network marketing. A plan that focuses on three principles:  equal opportunity for everyone, (regardless of age, status and education), residual income and leverage potential.




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